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Menifee is the basecamp for adventure in Southern California. Located in central Southwest Riverside County, just pinch north of San Diego, Menifee is known for mild winters, warm summers, and an average of 263 days of SUNSHINE each year-making Menifee the ideal location for fun outdoor activities – ranging from hiking, biking to fishing and flying, all taking place under Menifee Valley’s big blue sky.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains such as, the San Jacinto Mountains and the Ortegas, big blue bodies of water such as Lake Elsinore, Lake Perris, and Diamond Valley Lake, and miles of open trails to enjoy California’s diverse landscape, the adventure seeker will find endless opportunities for exploration.

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Waterside Adventure

Two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. While Menifee is technically in the desert, you won’t have to venture far at all to indulge in some amazing aquatic adventures.


FORE! Two sprawling golf courses reside within Menifee city limits—but another 27 courses lie within 20 miles’ driving distance. No matter what your skill level or budget, you’ll find the right course here.

Mountain Biking & Hiking

With its challenging, winding terrain and abundance of outdoor beauty, Menifee and its surrounding environs are ideal for mountain biking and hiking adventures. Here, there’s always more…left to explore.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

The natural beauty of Menifee’s mountainous backdrop is even more captivating when captured…up, up, up in the sky. Experience the pure brilliance of a hot air balloon ride and really soak in our special home.

Horseback Riding

Menifee has some serious Country Soul. So why not cruise around our bustling-yet-quaint community in a way that would make the cowboys of old proud? Saddle up!


When it comes to biking excursions both on-road and off-road, Menifee ranks as a premier place to roll by and through. From shops to clubs to trails and more, you can cut loose and let ‘er ride here.

Skate & Bike Parks

If you're on the hunt for some pipes and rails, Menifee's skate park game is up and coming. Drop the kids off while you enjoy some shopping, or drop into a bowl and soak in the sunny weather while you shred.

Aquatic Adventures

SPLASH DOWN! Menifee is home to Drop Zone Waterpark, where 4 massive, twisting waterslides entice visitors to cut loose and get super soaked—especially during those sizzling summer days.


Few experiences can match the utter adrenaline rush and exhilaration of skydiving. With majestic mountain backdrops and picture-perfect weather, Menifee makes an ideal landing pad.


A fun-for-all-ages sport that blends elements of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton, Pickleball continues to surge in popularity. Menifee offers many area opportunities to get pickled!

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